expire.ctl confused on order?

eugenia at cox.net eugenia at cox.net
Fri Jan 27 00:50:16 UTC 2006

The man pages and the search on google for expire.ctl have left me confused.  Can anyone advice me.

In the example expire.ctl below I want to expire all “test” and “job”newsgroups in 1 day and all the politic type newsgroups in 7 days.  I also want news.lists.filters expired in 0 days.

The man pages say, “Note that the last matching entry will be used, so general patterns (such as defaults for all groups where <pattern> is "*") should appear at the beginning of the file before more specific settings.”

I am confused, based on the above statement “general patterns such as defaults for all groups, as far as “test, jobs,politics” newsgroups should be listed first.  But the wording of, “last matching entry is used” would suggest that the “jobs,test,politics” type groups should be listed last.

Any suggestions or clarifications, I sure would appreciate.  Thanks.





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