Patch: include/paths.h --> include/inn/paths.h in inn-CURRENT

Adam J. Richter adam at
Sun Nov 19 09:46:31 UTC 2006

	Grr.  Now the inn-workers mail list has chopped the beginning of
my message twice.  I am going to resend just the begining text, but this
time I'm going to use mailx instead of mutt, so that the message body
will not be encapsulated in MIME at all.  (By the way, I have been using
mutt for years with no problem like what I'm experiencing with the mail servers, and I see that the copies of the messages that
I have bcc'ed myself are fine.)

	Here is the begining of the message, hopefully will not
chop it this time.

Adam Richter

|        [Is going to eat this line too?]
|        [It seems that's mail list handler ate the first line
|of the body of my message and removed the attached patch.  So, here is
|the message again, this time with the patch included in the message body.]
|        inn-2.4.3, inn-STABLE-20061118 and inn-CURRENT-20061118 each
|install /usr/include/paths.h, which conflicts with a file by the same
|name installed by glibc.
|        After installing inn, attempts to build many programs that
|expect glibc's symbols in /usr/include/paths.h fail to compile,
|including WorkBone, apmd, autofs, dosfstools, e2fsprogs, fileutils,
|finger, fuse, gdm, gnome-vfs, inetutils, kdebase, kdemultimedia,
|libgtop, libsdl, libzvt, libzvt2, lynx, magicdev, ncpfs, ntalk, ppp,
|procps, routed, rpm, rusers, rwall, rwho, sessreg, sh-utils,
|sliplogin, sysklogd, tcsh, vacation, vte, xine-lib, and zsh.
|        At least in the case of inn-2.4.3, attempting to work around
|the problem with "./configure --includedir=/usr/include/inn" results
|in command syntax errors when "make install" is run, although I
|suspect that this misbehavior might be related to the newly released
|version of GNU sed, which I think may be stricter about regular
|expression substitution than previous versions.
|        This problem is acknowledged in the TODO file in the top level
|of the inn distributions, and in a 2003 message on the inn-workers
|mailing list at the following URL:
|        Given that this trivial problem has been around for years and
|breaks the build of so many other program, I suggest that the following
|patch or some refinement thereof be integrated promptly rather than
|waiting for who knows how many more years for inn-2.5.

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