Patch: include/paths.h --> include/inn/paths.h in inn-CURRENT

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue Nov 21 09:38:06 UTC 2006

Adam J Richter <adam at> writes:

> 	If you haven't run that script yet, please use this one
> instead.  Sorry for the last minute update.

> 	This version of the script is slightly more conservative
> than the previous one.  If only moves inndcomm.h, libinn.h, ov.h,
> storage.h, and from include/ to include/inn/.

The script almost worked, and the failures are partly because I broke a
few things myself while running it (I wanted to go back and use svn move,
and I accidentally let the script break itself).  Thank you!

I went ahead and made a few additional changes while I was modifying
things anyway.  I removed the dependency on config.h in all the headers
moved into the inn directory (it wasn't actually necessary), added a
header guard to, and removed PUBLIC from the include Makefile
since the other headers really don't need to be installed.  (conffile.h is
still in theory a public interface, but no programs external to INN should
be using it since it's going to go away.)

> 	It leaving dbz.h, innperl.h, nntp.h and ppport.h in include/.
> I assume that these four files you want eventually to stop installing
> in some future version.

Right.  I did that now, in fact.

innperl.h and ppport.h definitely shouldn't be installed; they're only
used for building the embedded Perl support.

Anyway, committed.  You can see what I did for any necessary followup

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