makehistory / architecture change

Paul Walker paul at
Tue Oct 10 22:45:15 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I recently switched back from Ubuntu to Debian, changing from i386 to AMD64
on the way. I carefully backed up my spool and history files, only to find
that the history/overview/something files seem to be architecture dependent.

So, I'm trying to rebuild the relevant databases from the existing spool and
active file that I have.

The makehistory command looked like it would be useful for that - however,
I've just left "makehistory -b -f -O -l 3000 -I" running for 3
hours, with no apparent results. Surely it can't take *that* long to

Any suggestions for converting/rebuilding the relevant databases, and as to
whether makehistory really does take that long to run...?



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