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Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Fri Apr 27 18:32:17 UTC 2007

Howard Yuen wrote:
> Dear INN-workers,
> We have been using INND as a newsgroup server for archiving email
> conversation for awhile (several years).  About few months ago we
> encounter a problem where new newsgroup are no longer displaying new
> articles (they exist in the directory).  After talking to Russ, it was
> recommended the issue maybe on the OS level.  So I built up a SUSE 9
> system and  copied all the articles & active & /etc/aliases & newsgroups
> files, then ran "makehistory -b -O" to  rebuild the overview.  I am able
> to see the missing articles now.  However, new incoming articles are now
> not getting into the /var/spool/news/articles folder since the
> migration.  I checked all the logs there was no error or rejection
> anywhere!  The /var/log/mail shows the mail were converted to
> mailpost.....Please help.

Let me take a wild stab and say that somehow you didn't pass these 
articles to the overview process, or it died, or ??? You may be able to 
see this by looking at your log and checking that the overview target is 
being fed.

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