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Sun Aug 5 12:45:00 UTC 2007

On Sun, Aug 05, 2007 at 10:03:03AM +0200, Julien ÉLIE wrote:
> En réponse à Marco d'Itri :
> >> You don't need permission to apply patches.  You do need to note the date
> >> of changes made to the file by other people at the top of the file to
> >> fully comply with the GPL.  (I don't know to what degree Miquel and Marco
> >> care about that, but it's good practice to follow whenever you see a
> >> GPL-covered file since some people do care.)
> > Not very much, I consider the main changelog enough to satisfy this
> > requirement.
> All right.  Thanks.  I hope that what I have put at the top of the file will
> satisfy both Russ and you.
> I have just committed a new documentation for perl-nocem(8).  As usual,
> you are invited to review it and fix it if my English is poor/wrong in
> some sentences or if I made mistakes.
> By the way, how is updated <>?
> (and also inn/docs-2.x/)
> Couldn't it be daily automatically updated according to what is in SVN?
> It is perhaps easier for people to review a HTML page than a POD one.
> I saw that actsync was updated and others not, so I wonder what the process is
> (perhaps a manual review before putting it to the web?).
> -- 
> Julien ÉLIE
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While we are at it, any way to prevent:

Aug  5 06:25:44 gallifrey doctor[3]: innd: SERVER bad_active
+0000058963 0000058901 y alt.gobshite 0000000012 000000001......

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