Help getting INN to work.

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Thu Aug 30 14:05:02 UTC 2007

Hi Gert,

> And then in my /root directory .pullnews with the server name and the
> groups, but weh I run /usr/lib64/news/bin/pullnews

Are you sure you want to run pullnews as root?
Why don't you use it with another user?  (yours, or the « news » account)

Could you please post the contents of ~/.pullnews to see whether it is right?

> Is it not getting any of the newsgroup home that I have in the pullnews
> file, it is checking for new groups.

* Did you create the newsgroups you want to carry with INN?  (ctlinnd newgroup)

* Is incoming.conf allowing your pullnews feed?

* Do you have useful logs in /var/log/news/news and /var/log/news/news.notice
as for the articles pulled?

Julien ÉLIE

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