Help getting INN to work.

Gert Koefoed Andersen gert at
Thu Aug 30 13:27:00 UTC 2007


I am trying to getting a setup of INN to work for me.
The first thing is how to make INN to pullnews on a gentoo linux AMD64 ?

I have INN installed by emerge and the files gone trough for it and it have
innd by /etc/init.d/innd and soe of the binaries at /usr/lib64/news/bin
And then in my /root directory .pullnews with the server name and the
groups, but weh I run
Is it not getting any of the newsgroup home that I have in the pullnews
file, it is checking for new groups.

So how to let INN pull the groups home frmon my isp and other providers ?

Is there soe files I sha have put the newsgrop into and which file is it ?
And what to have of command lines in the files ?

Gert Andersen

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