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Tue Aug 21 07:57:28 UTC 2007

Following "Re: INN Assertion" in (July, 6th 2007):

> En réponse à Steve :
>> Thanks.  I also found some other references to it in this groups
>> history.  Appears that it's been around for a while and isn't worth
>> losing sleep over.  :)
> Furthermore, Russ said in <news:87pse6tfzv.fsf at>
> (September 2006):
> %%
> I believe it's caused by some sort of out of order reply from
> the remote peer and I tried to fix it in the current development branch,
> but I'm not sure if I succeeded.
> %%
> So maybe it is now fixed.
> (I still have not seen such an error with my CURRENT INN but as I receive
> a few hierarchies from a few peers, it is not a good test for that)

I have just had such an error:

Aug 21 01:35:11 news innfeed[6723]: assertion -- cxn != NULL -- failed in file connection.c line 1169

 * return the number of articles the connection will accept.

bool cxnCheckstate (Connection cxn)
  bool rval = false ;

  ASSERT (cxn != NULL) ;

  if (cxn->state == cxnFeedingS ||
      cxn->state == cxnIdleS ||
      cxn->state == cxnConnectingS)
    rval = true ;

  return rval ;

By the way, the description of the function is wrong.
It is only called in innfeed/host.c: if (!cxnCheckstate (cxn)) {...}
I hope it might help.

Julien ÉLIE

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