Support of files/raw partitions > 4Gb

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue Feb 6 17:50:00 UTC 2007

Kirill Berezin <kyb at> writes:

> I am talking about both cnfs and buffindexed buffers.  CNFS seems
> working fine with 64 bit offset. But buffindexed method requires a
> little change to support a correct reading of buffers' length over 4 Gb.
> Constant at line 316 of buffindexed.c must have an explicit type
> conversion:

> len = strtoul(l, NULL, 10) * 1024;     /* This value in KB in decimal */
>                                              ^ must be `(off_t)1024`

Yeah, this is definitely broken and I'll fix this.

> But I'm not sure about a correct work of buffindexed method with raw
> partition about 13Gb .

If you notice any other problems, please do let us know.  I fear that
buffindexed has not received a lot of attention lately, but I'm happy to
apply bug fixes (whenever I can find the time to work on INN, which
admittedly has been a huge problem lately).

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