{Spam?} Re: Proposing peer Network support and software support

Marc Stürmer mail at marc-stuermer.de
Mon Oct 1 19:51:41 UTC 2007

Am Montag 01 Oktober 2007 schrieb The Doctor:

> Look as if port 119 operators are getting rare.

Could be, then again not. 

> Why did they not let me know earlier?
> Still the new policy is that I am ready to peer with anyone
> as long as all entries on a push-push basis is correct.
> So yes to the peer.
> Why INN?  Becuase we wish to contribute to
> its success by offering good solid research and multipeering is the way
> to go.
> Maybe I shouls not be that narrow, but I am
> an Open Source supporter.

Well there's at least another opensource news product some of the bigger sites 
are using: Diablo. Beside of that there are many commercial ones (Dnews and 
so on). 

But yes, Opensource rocks. :)

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