Innfeed assertion -- cxn?

William Kronert wkronert at
Mon Oct 1 22:46:51 UTC 2007

Hi Julien,

At 03:18 PM 10/1/2007, Julien ÉLIE wrote:
> > innfeed: assertion -- cxn != NULL -- failed in file connection.c line 1276

>In my INN 2.4.3, I see that assertion when there is backlog for my peers.
>Otherwise, I do not see it.  It seems that when a peer is not responding,
>there are some assertions like this one which are raised.  It is not
>a problem except for the innfeed.dropped stuff in your innfeed directory
>(and you have to manually process them with "procbatch -vm").
>So it is a bit annoying.

  I have spooling disabled in innfeed.conf by 
default. Though I do have a few peers that tend 
not to respond for short period of times.  I had 
spent hours systemically changing each variable 
in innfeed.conf to see if I could reduce the 
amount of times this happened - I never could 
find any variable that seem to help.  I have 
spent hours probing the logs trying to figure out 
if I could narrow it down to a specific feed - I never could.

> > Is there any stable version of INN that has fixed this bug?
>No, there is not.
>But lots of these assertions were cleaned up by Russ in INN 2.5 (which is
>not the stable version of INN, but it is very stable all the same).

Guess I am going to have to wait for Russ to release INN 2.5.

Thanks much for the information, I appreciate it.


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