Proposing peer Network support and software support

Marc Stürmer mail at
Wed Oct 3 21:21:39 UTC 2007

Am Mittwoch 03 Oktober 2007 schrieb Robert Joosten:

> Yeah, most commercial ISP outsource news and .edu's stopped carrying
> usenet. But at the same time, most 100+ rated sites at anthologeek (aka
> frenix aka peer with eachother and it's hard getting in
> between. Besides that: most admin's direct feed requests coming from

Not really; at least in my experience when you write to enough admins you are 
going to get enough peers. That's my experience, and it never hurts to either 
setup just a side with your peering info and/or add your information under, too. 

I for myself got some incoming peering requests from that side. Besides that, 
reading innreports is also a very good source of information. 

My own server is now running a for about one year and has around 70 peers at 
the moment. It's just very time consuming, of course, to write all those 
mails first... 8) But who really needs 70 peers? This has been more of a 
hobby to me to get those. If you just want a reliable server, around 4 peers 
full text feed should be enough for you to be on the safe side. 

Of course, outsourcing binary newsserver makes sense (it's around 1 TB traffic 
per day). Outsourcing text newsservers perhaps, if you don't have the 
manpower to maintain your own. 

> individuals that say they are developers to /dev/null. It seems usenet is
> big business nowadays.

Well, not the normal usenet, but the binary usenet. Binaries are big business, 
people are willing to pay for access to binary newsservers. And they're 
paying much money! Text is for discussion and no big business at all. 

BTW, when someone on the list wants to peer with me, you're welcome; just drop 
me a mail with your data. 

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