Innfeed assertion -- cxn?

William Kronert wkronert at
Mon Oct 1 22:06:27 UTC 2007

My latest Googling did not reveal any conclusions or fix's for:
innfeed: assertion -- cxn != NULL -- failed in file connection.c line 1276

Is there are any updates on this bug?
I am running INN 2.4.2 and generating about 20 of the above messages per day.

I must admit even though people state this isn't really a problem, I 
am frustrated by the amount it is happening to our server on a daily 
basis.  We went a long time without this problem.  It wasn't till I 
had added a lot of additional feeds that this problem started to occur.

Is there any stable version of INN that has fixed this bug?  If so 
what version and where can I obtain it?  What might be the easiest 
way to update an rpm of INN 2.4.2 to what ever version has fixed this bug?

I am grateful for any information and help.


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