Bug with news logfile re local posts

Julien ÉLIE julien at trigofacile.com
Thu Oct 4 11:05:27 UTC 2007


> When looking in $pathlog/news at entries for local posts, the originating
> server name instead of being "localhost" or the name of the local server
> (I forget which it is supposed to be), it is arbitrarily selecting the
> name of some peer site!

I think everything is set up here:

  if (innconf->logipaddr) {
    data->Feedsite = RChostname(cp);
    if (data->Feedsite == NULL)
      data->Feedsite = CHANname(cp);
    if (strcmp("", data->Feedsite) == 0 || data->Feedsite[0] == '\0')
      data->Feedsite = hops && hops[0] ? hops[0] : CHANname(cp);
  } else {
    data->Feedsite = hops && hops[0] ? hops[0] : CHANname(cp);

There are perhaps several factors to take into account (posts through rnews,
posts with IHAVE, whether the news server [localhost and/or news.server-name.com]
is listed in incoming.conf, etc.).  I have not thoroughly checked all of that yet.

I indeed sometimes have "not-for-mail" in <pathlog>/news.

> I was surprised to find the same problem on my server:
> Oct  3 21:20:22.396 + news.greenie.muc.de <fe1f4m$78r$1 at puck.litech.org> ...
>                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> That's an article I posted from here (litech.org), and had absolutely
> nothing to do with greenie.muc.de.

Is it always the same peer which is selected?
(grep "puck.litech.org>" news)

Is it the last entry in your incoming.conf file?

> Julien and I are both running recent Subversion builds -- could people
> look to see which older INN versions do this correctly or incorrectly?

Maybe incoming.conf is also interesting to look at to see where the name of
the feed appears in it.  There is perhaps a link with it.

I also run a Debian Sarge INN 2.4.3 and the problem is there too.

Julien ÉLIE

« Le cercle est le plus long chemin d'un point au même point. » (Tom Stoppard) 

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