Proposing peer Network support and software support

Marc Stürmer mail at
Sat Oct 6 11:55:45 UTC 2007

Am Samstag 06 Oktober 2007 schrieb Robert Joosten:

> > I just feel that expire, introducing a load spike, is an intrinsic
> > limitation on the capacity in servers running INN.
> Hmm, when I saw your post I was thinking of a recent openldap paper[1].
> They use berkeleyDB as well. They saw a performance improvement using 4.6.x

well... the spike happens regardless which overview mechanism you're using. My 
experience is, from all the backends, OVDB needs the longest time to do an 
expire over the overview (around 6 hours on my system, it had around 12 GB 
overview back then with compression enabled on a 2.6 linux kernel, Athlon 
3200+, 1024 MB RAM). 

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