Gabriele Conrad gabriele_conrad at
Thu Oct 18 22:15:31 UTC 2007


Am Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2007 19:55 schrieb Julien ÉLIE:

> > I strongly recommend you to use stunnel
> But don't you lose the IP of your readers in news.notice?  (all of them
> being the IP of your news server?)

Yes, but that did not matter much in my case (in fact that little, that I 
did not give a second thought about this, might of course be of some more 
importance to someone else)

> > I had not much luck with the
> > built-in SSL-support of INN, neither with 2.4.2 nor with 2.4.3. It
> > made the server unusable for most clients except for the users who use
> > Outlook Express (really! Isn't this annoying?). So spare you the pain
> > and use any attention to
> Did you try the patch I sent in my previous mail in answer to Todd?

No, unfortunately I had no notice of this patch when I tried to set up SSL 
last year.

> More than 800 people use daily the news server of my engineering School
> on SSL connexions and without any problem (most of them with
> Thunderbird/SeaMonkey/Icedove/etc. and some with Apple Mail, slrn,
> Outlook Express/Windows Mail and surely other I am not aware of).

Sounds quite good. Perhaps I try this some time, but until then I keep my 
stunnel setup, as it is working without any problems (and I am too lazy to 
change anything right now ... ;))

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