Julien ÉLIE julien at
Thu Oct 18 17:55:15 UTC 2007

Hi Gabriele,

> I strongly recommend you to use stunnel

But don't you lose the IP of your readers in news.notice?  (all of them
being the IP of your news server?)

> I had not much luck with the
> built-in SSL-support of INN, neither with 2.4.2 nor with 2.4.3. It made
> the server unusable for most clients except for the users who use Outlook
> Express (really! Isn't this annoying?). So spare you the pain and use
> stunnel.

Did you try the patch I sent in my previous mail in answer to Todd?

More than 800 people use daily the news server of my engineering School
on SSL connexions and without any problem (most of them with
Thunderbird/SeaMonkey/Icedove/etc. and some with Apple Mail, slrn,
Outlook Express/Windows Mail and surely other I am not aware of).

Julien ÉLIE

« Ex nihilo nihil. » (Perse) 

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