Tr: [usenet] How not to do UDPs

David Canzi dmcanzi at
Mon Oct 29 18:58:04 UTC 2007

I added the code to set TCP_NODELAY to nnrpd on our new news server
last year, and it seemed to fix a problem noticed by both me and
a co-worker, slow downloading of overviews.  I posted about this
on USENET last week.  In response to some skeptical questioning,
I ran tests on the weekend.  Running trn, I downloaded the overview
for a high-volume newsgroup, twice using nnrpd with TCP_NODELAY,
twice using nnrpd without TCP_NODELAY.  There was no difference
in speed.

I don't know what else may have changed between last year and
this year.  I'm pretty sure I wasn't hallucinating last year,
but I have no clue under what conditions TCP_NODELAY makes a
difference and under what conditions it doesn't.

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