Towards a 2.4.4 release

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Thu Apr 3 14:21:50 UTC 2008


It would be great to prepare a ready-to-be-released STABLE 2.4.4 version
for Russ.
I think it can be done within a week.  Then we will be able to test it
and perhaps officially release it before the end of this month...

I will soon (this week-end) check which useful patches recently committed
to CURRENT can be merged into STABLE.

I have updated libtool to 1.5.26 -- do you think the version 2.2.2 should
be used? (it generates errors with my autoconf but maybe it is easy to fix,
I have not looked at that)

I do not know how the LICENSE file should be updated (only years at the

And finally, does someone see what else should be done for INN 2.4.4?

Here is a NEWS file for it (which does not contain what will be backported
from the CURRENT branch).  Feel free to correct its wording and also
to add other changes or remove some of them!

* Fixed incomplete checking of packet sizes in the ctlinnd interface in the
no-Unix-domain-sockets case.  This is a potential buffer overflow in
dead code since basically all systems INN builds on support Unix domain
sockets these days.  Also track the buffer size more correctly in the client
side of this interface for the Unix domain socket case.

* If compiling with BerkeleyDB, use its ndbm compatibility layer for
ckpasswd in preference to searching for a traditional dbm library.
INN also supports BerkeleyDB 4.4 thanks to Marco d'Itri.

* Marco d'Itri added a force-ipv4 peer configuration option for innfeed that,
if set, tells innfeed to never attempt an IPv6 connection to that host.

* No mail is now sent by controlchan for the creation of a newsgroup when
the action is "no change".

* controlchan now handles wire format messages so that articles from the
spool can be directly fed to it.

* The sample control.ctl file has been extensively updated.

* The RADIUS configuration is now wrapped in a server {} block.

* Fixed empty LISTGROUP replies which were not terminated. Thanks to David Canzi
for the patch.

* If creating a new history file, set the ownership and mode appropriately.
inncheck also expects fewer things to be private to the news user.  Most of the
configuration files will never contain private information like passwords.

* Many other more minor bug fixes, optimization and documentation improvements.

Do you agree that it will be the last 2.4 release and that the next one
will be 2.5?  As far as I am concerned, I believe INN 2.5 is stable and that
it could also be released.  But we can still improve some of its features
and we have some time to do that after the 2.4.4 release.  The TODO list
for 2.5 also needs to be revised downwards...


Julien ÉLIE

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