Towards a 2.4.4 release

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Thu Apr 3 17:44:53 UTC 2008

Hi Tim,

>> Sure -- but please do understand that there are a lot of things in INN
>> that need fixing, and very little developer time to go around.
>        Is there a nice list somewhere to look over?

Thanks for your interest.  There is a list there:

I believe perl-nocem works fine but if you know some improvements for him...
As for pgpmoose, I do not think there is much to do regarding INN.

Perhaps an implementation of Cancel-Lock/Cancel-Key (directly in the
source code or in a Perl module?)
Note that the Berlin University implemented that but I do
not know whether they would share it:

    Message-ID <2007-06-28.Cancel2.0-en at>

Well, these were only suggestions since I know you are involved in
such things.

Julien ÉLIE

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