innfeed, bindaddress, force-ipv4, ipv6 [was: Re: Draft of changes in 2.4.4]

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Mon Apr 7 08:36:31 UTC 2008

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Julien ÉLIE  <julien at> wrote:
>* Marco d'Itri added a force-ipv4 peer configuration option for innfeed that,
>if set, tells innfeed to never attempt an IPv6 connection to that host.

FYI, the "innfeed bindaddress per peer" patch I sent also allows
you to do that.. if you set "bindaddress: any" on a peer then
innfeed will only use IPv4 connections for that peer, and if you
set "bindaddress6: any" then innfeed will only use IPv6 for that peer.

There is work to be done in this area, though. If a peer has both
IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, innfeed will currently (if using multiple
connections to one host) happily mix IPv4 and IPv6. And without
my patch, if you set bindadress/bindaddress6 it will bind
the socket to IPv4 or IPv6 but still try to connect to both IPv4
and IPv6 addresses which causes strange errors in the logs.

The best fix would be to make sure that both bindaddress and
bindaddress6 work simultaneously, using bindaddress for IPv4
peer addresses and bindaddress6 for IPv6 peer addresses. If a
peer has IPv6 addresses, and at least one of them works, never
fall back to IPv4. If none of the IPv6 addresses work, do fall
back to IPv4. Next, make innfeed reckognize "bindaddress: none"
and "bindaddress6: none" config settings instead of yet another
config item like force-ipv4 / force-ipv6.

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