innfeed, bindaddress, force-ipv4, ipv6

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Wed Apr 16 18:53:34 UTC 2008

Hi Miquel,

> Anyway, note that this version has been slightly changed:
> instead of using '*' (ipv4) and '::' (ipv6) as wildcards
> for bindaddress(6), you have to use 'all' or 'any' just
> like bindaddress(6) in inn.conf and innfeed.conf in 2.5

All right, that's better.

>>Thanks.  However, I am not sure whether it is good to revert
>>a long-standing patch like that in STABLE:  force-ipv4 has
>>been in STABLE snapshots for almost two years...
> Oh. But it's not in CURRENT. So it has never been in any
> released version of inn and it's also not in the development version.

It has also been in CURRENT for two years.

>>And it would break innfeed's config file if it were removed.
> It will do that if you upgrade to 2.5 too...

Sure but there are other changes to apply during an upgrade to 2.5
(startinnfeed is removed, TLS parameters are now in inn.conf, etc.).
So I believe a major release can change some settings.

> Anyway. I'll rewrite the patch to apply to STABLE while
> keeping ipv4-only working as an alias for 'bindaddress: none'.

You mean bindaddress6, I assume.
I think it is a great idea to do so.  I shall then make a second
INN 2.4.4 release candidate.

(Or another idea would be to use innupgrade to change such occurrences
of ipv4-only.)

> Should we do that for 2.5 as well ? If not, why do you want
> it in 2.4 ?

For INN 2.5, I do not reckon we should keep ipv4-only.  I only wanted
it in 2.4 because it is STABLE and some users may have regularly
installed snapshots; I do not want to break their innfeed in case
they update their INN.

Julien ÉLIE

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