inews -h fails to post when authinfo is required

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sun Apr 20 21:09:00 UTC 2008

Hi Marco,

>> -       if (i != NNTP_POSTOK_VAL)
>> -            die("you do not have permission to post");
>> +        if (i != NNTP_POSTOK_VAL) {
>> +            /* We try to authenticate in case it is all the same possible
>> +             * to post. */
>> +            if (NNTPsendpassword((char *)NULL, FromServer, ToServer) < 0)
>> +                die("you do not have permission to post");
>> +        }
> Interesting, I just noticed that the same code which was added to the
> INN 1.x debian package (apparently by Chip Salzenberg, probably about
> 8 years ago. There is no specific changelog entry).

I see that in INN.1.7.2debian-32:

+ /* Authorize with password if required. */
+ if (i == NNTP_AUTH_NEEDED_VAL) {
+     if (NNTPsendpassword((char *)NULL, FromServer, ToServer) < 0)
+  PerrorExit(TRUE, "Authorization error");
+     i = NNTP_POSTOK_VAL;
+ }
  if (i != NNTP_POSTOK_VAL) {
      (void)fprintf(stderr, "You do not have permission to post.\n");

Therefore it is less efficient than what is in INN >= 2.4.4.
Indeed, it tries to authenticate only if a 480 return code is received
while it could also authenticate in case of a 201 (RFC-compliant BTW)
return code.

> I maintain a well patched version of INN 1.x useful for smaller sites.

Is it still useful to maintain both inn and inn2 for Debian?  I do not see
many questions about INN 1.x on the Internet...
INN2 works pretty well for smaller sites too :)

Shouldn't C News and Leafnode be used for that?
(I see that sn has been dropped in Lenny.)

Moreover, I know people who ran "aptitude install inn" by mistake
(they thought it was INN 2.x).

23:05 iulius at denver ~% apt-cache search inn | grep "^inn"
inn - News transport system `InterNetNews' by the ISC and Rich Salz
inn2 - 'InterNetNews' news server

Julien ÉLIE

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