mailpost woes

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Wed Apr 23 12:38:46 UTC 2008

I repost his answer since it appears that the mailing-list mangled
the whole message.
(It was a base64 multipart/alternative.)

Peter, could you have a look at <480ED4F7.87A6.0099.1 at>,


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> Julien,
> Thanks for the suggestion.  I believe I figured out the issue, just
> hadn't had a chance to post it, yet.  The man page says the following
> about the -b option in mailpost:
> If the -b flag is used, then it defines the location of the database
> used to store the message ids of articles sent on. This is to prevent
> articles looping around if a news to mail gateway sends them back here.
> This option may be required if the mailpost process doesn*t have write
> access to the news tmp directory (the value of pathtmp in inn.conf(5)).
> In my opinion, that last sentence isn't quite strong enough - that, or
> there should be a FAQ on the ISC INN page about this issue.  And how is
> one to know whether or not mailpost has access to that directory?
> Adding the -b option with a path to a temporary directory in the Postfix
> spool directory made it start working.  That's great, but why doesn't
> mailpost give an error message?  The mailpost command was still
> succeeding - still returning 0 - and there wasn't any information being
> logged anywhere to indicate that the problem was that mailpost either
> couldn't find the pathtmp directory or couldn't write to it.  The mail
> just disappeared into a black hole.  The man page gives examples of
> usage for an aliases file, and that option isn't used in those
> examples.
> Anyway, I'm glad I got it working - on to the next hurdle!
> -Nick 

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