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Julien ÉLIE julien at
Wed Apr 23 12:59:31 UTC 2008

Hi Nick,

[Shouldn't doc/pod/mailpost.pod be directly included in frontends/
and the corresponding man page generated from it?  or is there a good reason
for this man page not to be included in the script?]

> The man page says the following about the -b option in mailpost:
> This option may be required if the mailpost process doesn*t have write
> access to the news tmp directory (the value of pathtmp in inn.conf(5)).
> In my opinion, that last sentence isn't quite strong enough - that, or
> there should be a FAQ on the ISC INN page about this issue.

Isn't clarifying the man page enough?

    Normally mailpost is run by sendmail(8) via an alias entry:

    local-mail-wreck-bikes: "|<pathbin in inn.conf>/mailpost
             -d local"

I can add -b to the sample or write a sentence right after it saying
to use -b if mailpost does not have access to <pathtmp> (mentioning that
a temporary directory in the Postfix spool directory can be specified).

> That's great, but why doesn't mailpost give an error message?  The mailpost
> command was still succeeding - still returning 0 - and there wasn't any
> information being logged anywhere to indicate that the problem was that
> mailpost either couldn't find the pathtmp directory or couldn't write to it.

I do not know.  I will try to test that and fix it if I can.
By the way, the error should have been sent by mail to the news account.
Didn't you receive anything?

sub mailArtAndDie {
---->    print SENDMAIL <<"EOF" ;
             To: $Maintainer
             Subject: mailpost failure ($newsgroups): $msg
    exit (0) ;   # using a non-zero exit may cause problems.

I like the comment :)

if (!open TMPFILE,">$tmpfile") {
--->    syslog "err", "$msg\n" unless $debugging || -t STDERR ;

Nothing in syslog?

> Anyway, I'm glad I got it working - on to the next hurdle!

And thanks a lot for your feedback with mailpost!

Julien ÉLIE

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