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Julien ÉLIE julien at
Fri Aug 22 21:29:07 UTC 2008

> When I configured INN 2.4.5, I set the installation directory to <home>
> (--prefix=<home>) and the spool directory to /var/spool/news
> (--with-spool-dir=/var/spool/news). When I try to start up the server,
> it complains that it can't chdir to <home>/spool/articles. What have I
> done wrong?

I assume you did a "make update" (as root) so inn.conf was not superseded
(patharticles is set at the end of this file).

> Also, when I try to start nnrpd with the following arguments:
> ./nnrpd -D -p 563 -S -t
> It says that it can't bind (invalid argument).

And without "-S", can it bind to 563?  If yes, SSL was not properly

Julien ÉLIE

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