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Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sat Jul 5 11:50:31 UTC 2008

Hi Alexander,

>> Having @HTTPDIR@ is indeed a great idea, Alexander.  It will be proper
>> than any other thing.
> If I understand you correctly you want to add an option --httpdir=DIR
> that overrides the value of $INN::Config::pathhttp?

Yes, that's it.
Because all the paths we currently have are:

patharchive:            @SPOOLDIR@/archive
patharticles:           @SPOOLDIR@/articles
pathbin:                @bindir@
pathcontrol:            @CONTROLDIR@
pathdb:                 @DBDIR@
pathetc:                @sysconfdir@
pathfilter:             @FILTERDIR@
pathhttp:               @LOGDIR@
pathincoming:           @SPOOLDIR@/incoming
pathlog:                @LOGDIR@
pathnews:               @prefix@
pathoutgoing:           @SPOOLDIR@/outgoing
pathoverview:           @SPOOLDIR@/overview
pathrun:                @RUNDIR@
pathspool:              @SPOOLDIR@
pathtmp:                @tmpdir@

Everything seems OK (because they can be modified at configure time) except
for pathhttp which weirdly point to logdir!

That's why I thought it would be great to have @HTTPDIR@ thanks to
--with-http-dir as a configure option.

The default value would be pathnews/http if unset.

> Hmm. On Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora pathnews resolves to "/usr/lib/news"
> while pathlog is set to "/var/log/news".

And pathhttp is also currently set to "/var/log/news" on Debian.

> IMHO the most consistent option would be
>   --httpdir=DIR, $pathhttp and pathnews/http
> but
>   --wwwdir=DIR, $pathhttp and pathnews/www
> also looks acceptable.

As "pathhttp" is used in inn.conf, I think --with-http-dir is better
than --with-www-dir.

Julien ÉLIE

« Le chemin n'est pas difficile, c'est le difficile qui est le chemin. » (Kierkegaard) 

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