Server Synchronization

Lufkin, Brad (Mission Systems) brad.lufkin at
Sat Jul 19 17:55:09 UTC 2008

Thanks for the info. With this setup, will old articles be transferred
between servers? By "old" I mean articles that were posted before this
setup was completed? 

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Lufkin, Brad (Mission Systems) schrieb:
> I put server A in server B's incoming.conf and infeed.conf as a peer.

And in server B's "newsfeeds"-file.

 > I also put server B in server A's incoming.conf and infeed.conf.

And in server A's "newsfeeds"-file.

 > I changed the port-number in innfeed.conf to 563,

Innfeed doesn't do SSL (AFAIK), so stay with 110.

 > since I'm using SSL abd have
> started nnrpd as a daemon that listen on that port.

NNRPD ist for newsreaders, not other servers. INND (speaking NNTP for
servers) listens on 119 and INNFEED hast to connect to 119 to feed to
the server.


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