Automatic Creation and Deletion of Newsgroups

Ray Banana rayban at
Sun Jul 20 04:01:51 UTC 2008

Julien ÉLIE wrote:

>> I'd like the creation and removal of newsgroups to automatically
>> propagate from one server to another. I added the following two lines to
>> the control.ctl files of my two servers:
>> newgroup:*:*:doit
>> rmgroup:*:*:doit
> The control.ctl file is used for *articles* which arrive to your news
> server
> (there is a controlchan entry in your newsfeeds file).
> It is useful when a hierarchy administrator wishes to add a new group: 
> he sends

And it can be really dangerous if used without pgpverify and the proper
PGP keys, as there are lots of rogue control messages around.

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