--with-* vs. path*

Alexander Bartolich alexander.bartolich at gmx.at
Wed Jun 11 18:38:29 UTC 2008

Russ Allbery wrote:
> Ivan Shmakov <oneingray at gmail.com> writes:
>> 	Actually, I don't see the point of hardcoding a bunch of
>> 	directory names into the INN binaries.  Considering that I'm
>> 	somewhat interested in running several INN instances, it's also
>> 	error-prone to have defaults matching one configuration, but not
>> 	the others.
> The Autoconf flags are used almost entirely to set defaults in inn.conf
> and everything else mostly gets the paths from there.  (There are a few
> exceptions, but not too many, and most of them are bugs that we could fix
> with more or less effort.)

This discussion is going in a strange direction.

I want to add four files:
- innreport.css
- innfeed.css
- innfeed-header.html
- innfeed-footer.html

This requires:
- a location in subversion repository
- makefile logic to install them somewhere
- documentation and comments in configuration files
- fallback logic in case of missing configuration statements

The two CSS files need be exported by the user's web server, i.e. they
require non-trivial configuration of third-party software.

The two HTML files are only read by innfeed to generate the status file,
i.e. they don't have to be copied to the web space.



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