[INN 2.4.5] Help for testing innreport

Julien ÉLIE julien at trigofacile.com
Mon Jun 23 21:35:59 UTC 2008


I have just fixed a long-standing bug in innreport which prevented it from
correctly reporting nnrpd log messages because everything stopped at the line:

-    return 1 if $left = ~/ME dropping articles into /o;
+    return 1 if $left =~ /ME dropping articles into /o;

It means that some "unknown entries" which are normal may be detected by innreport.

I have already suppressed some of these "unknown entries" from news.notice but
as I run a little news server, I do not have enough logs to widely test.

This change will be shipped with INN 2.4.5 so it is better if most of normal
"unknown entries" are not displayed by innreport.

If you have time, could you please quickly test the new innreport with your
INN installation? (either 2.4.x or a 2.5)

Please report here normal "unknown entries" detected so that I could suppress
them for INN 2.4.5 and INN 2.5.  These lines can be from nnrpd or other programs.

If you use INN 2.4.x, only replace innreport_inn.pm by this one:


Very easy to do!

(And if you are using INN 2.5, I assume you know how to run "make update";
it is better to have the last version.  Subversion is fine; snapshots only
from inn-STABLE-20080624.tar.gz and inn-CURRENT-20080624.tar.gz, generated

Then, just run innreport with the following arguments:

    innreport -f ~/etc/innreport.conf /var/log/news/news.notice | more

and see whether you have normal "unknown entries" detected.
If yes, please report it here as soon as possible.  Thanks!

If you have lots of unknown entries, do not forget to increase "max_unknown"
to something like "300" in <pathetc>/innreport.conf.

Note:  in order to process more logs, you can do:

    cd /var/log/news/OLD
    mkdir innreport-test
    cp news.notice.* innreport-test
    cd innreport-test
    gunzip *
    innreport -f ~/etc/innreport.conf /var/log/news/OLD/innreport-test/* | more

and wait a little for the display...  If you have many many logs, you can use:

    innreport -f ~/etc/innreport.conf /var/log/news/OLD/innreport-test/news.notice.1* | more
    innreport -f ~/etc/innreport.conf /var/log/news/OLD/innreport-test/news.notice.2* | more
    innreport -f ~/etc/innreport.conf /var/log/news/OLD/innreport-test/news.notice.3* | more

Thanks for your help,

Julien ÉLIE

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