INN 2.4.4 and Thunderbird

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Thu Jun 26 20:14:20 UTC 2008

Hi Julien:
Sorry, but the news server is on a private network. And no, did not try with 2.4.5. Is there something to look for in the configuration of TB, perhaps?

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Hi Brad,

> I've just configured INN 2.4.4 on a Sun Solaris 10 machine.  I 
> configured it to use SSL.  I'm able to connect using Outlook Express 
> but I get a "580 SSL connection failure" when I try to connect with 
> either Thunderbird or Mozilla.

Is it possible to know the DNS of your news server in order to test a connection to it with Thunderbird? (only open one newsgroup in read-only if your server is private -- or you can send me in private your DNS)

Did you try with INN 2.4.5? (although connection should be handled in the same way)

Julien ÉLIE

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