ISC launches new website and mailing list manager

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sat Nov 15 10:47:14 UTC 2008

Hi Sue,

> ISC is pleased to announce the launch of our re-designed website and
> mailing lists.  Our motivation for these moves is simple, to make
> information about ISC and our products easier to find and provide more
> of it.

The new site has a better design, thanks.

> Using the new website should be self explanatory.  We'd appreciate your
> feedback about navigating the new website and your patience if you
> encounter any oddities.  Send comments to.

It is impossible to download INN 2.4.5!
--> The http link in the page after that one is broken...

There should be a clickable link to INN in that page:

As for the FAQ:
I might suggest a link to :

As for the RFCs:
I might suggest a link to: (NNTP) (Usenet article format)

The last link (Usenet group creation) is broken there:
I do not know where it should point at.
There might be another link to Usenet hierarchy administration
in miscellaneous:

The INN mailing lists link is broken on that page:

> The mailing list conversion requires a little explanation:
> * The new one-stop page for all the lists under is

Shouldn't inn-announce@ and inn-committers@ be added there?

> * All list posting-addresses will remain the same with the addition of
> '' -- i.e. bind-users at will continue to work but
> bind-users at is the standard going forward

Should theses addresses be changes in all INN documentation and web pages?
Or will they go on working forever?


Julien ÉLIE

« Ce n'est pas en tournant le dos aux choses qu'on leur fait face. » (Pierre Dac) 

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