ISC launches new website and mailing list manager

Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Nov 15 21:02:45 UTC 2008

(This is probably going to open yet another RT ticket.  Apologies for that
in advance; I don't know the previous ticket number to append this to.)

Julien ÉLIE <julien at> writes:

> The last link (Usenet group creation) is broken there:
> I do not know where it should point at. if it's supposed to be for the Big Eight
hierarchies.  There probably isn't a good link for all hierarchies in

>> The mailing list conversion requires a little explanation:
>> * The new one-stop page for all the lists under is
> Shouldn't inn-announce@ and inn-committers@ be added there?

Actually, I'm wondering if we should trim down our mailing lists a bit.
Currently, we have:

    inn-suggest (aka inn at

It's not clear to me that inn-bugs, inn-patches, and inn-workers form a
useful distinction.  It might be better to send it all to the same place.

inn at and inn-suggest at (I'm fairly sure they're the same
thing) are used as contact addresses in the documentation in places, but
I'm probably the only one who reads them.  I can keep forwarding things
along (there isn't much traffic), but I'm not sure the extra addresses
serve much of a purpose.

The only advantage that I can think of is that they can be used for
security reporting addresses since they don't go to public or archived
mailing lists.  We should probably put together some sort of real security
reporting policy or piggy-back off one that ISC uses for other software,

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