Failure in inn-CURRENT-20081115

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Thu Nov 20 21:42:15 UTC 2008

Hi The Doctor,

> pod2man -c 'InterNetNews Documentation' -r 'INN 2.5.0' -s '3pm' -n "INN::Config" INN/ > ../doc/man/INN__Config.3pm
> Unknown option: n
> /usr/bin/pod2man: Usage error!
> usage: /usr/bin/pod2man [options] podpage
> Options are:
>        --section=manext      (default "1")
>        --release=relpatch    (default "perl 5.008, patch 00")
>        --center=string       (default "User Contributed Perl Documentation")
>        --date=string         (default "16/Nov/2008")
>        --fixed=font          (default "CW")
>        --official            (default NOT)
>        --lax                 (default NOT)

Starting from Perl 5.8, there is a new "-n name, --name=name" option for pod2man.
Please note that this is the reason why snapshots already have their man pages generated,
so that building INN does not require a recent pod2man.

If you know a better way to set up the name "INN::Config" in the man page with pod2man,
I would be happy to use it.

> Failed 663/2879 tests, 76.97% okay, 16 tests skipped.

Is there something that does not work on your INN?  (let alone the test suite)

Julien ÉLIE

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