Failure in inn-CURRENT-20081115

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Fri Nov 21 11:36:00 UTC 2008

Hi Fred,

> BTW, I've been trying one of the latest snapshots (CURRENT-20081118),
> and it works fairly well - great work !

Nice to hear!

> The only problem I had is with the Makefile - it seems that the "ifdef
> SNAPNUMBER" and following don't work with FreeBSD's nmake (it's probably
> the same with the other BSDs).  If I comment out that part or if I use
> g(nu)make, it's fine.

I changed the generation of a beta to use "make release" instead of
"make snapshot".  It avoids "ifdef" which seems not portable.  (I believe
the "override" command available in make is also not portable...)

Julien ÉLIE

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