[ISC-Ops #22126] Re: ISC launches new website and mailing list manager

Julien ÉLIE julien at trigofacile.com
Sun Nov 16 09:03:02 UTC 2008

Hi Dan,

>> > * The new one-stop page for all the lists under isc.org is
>> > https://lists.isc.org/mailman/listinfo
>> Shouldn't inn-announce@ and inn-committers@ be added there?
> Fixed.

Maybe the capital letters should be standardized (?)

There are "Inn-bugs", "Inn-workers" but "inn-patches" for instance.
The same goes for "Dhcp-hackers" and "dhcp-workers", etc.

>> Should theses addresses be changes in all INN documentation and web pages?
>> Or will they go on working forever?
> Forever is a long time, but the old addresses should work for the forseeable future.
> I think we're definitely going to try to standardize on the lists.isc.org domain
> for this moving forward, and the lists will advertise themselves as such
> (the older addresses are just a legacy forward).  I should also note that the posting
> address format is slightly different, so if for example you have instructions in your
> docs that give specific ecartis commands you should update that.

We have a few ecartis commands.  Thanks for having pointed that problem out.
I will change them to links to the web interface.  And update the addresses meanwhile.

By the way, the webmaster team should also fix the page:


which indicates <inn-announce-request at isc.org>, as well as the ml links at the bottom of
the page.  And also add links to the Mailman list archives.

Julien ÉLIE

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