[PATCH 0/2] CNFSv4: move to 4K blocksize

Julien ÉLIE julien at trigofacile.com
Wed Nov 26 21:11:42 UTC 2008

Hi Miquel,

> This introduces a new CNFS version in the CNFS header, version 4.
> The header now includes a blocksize member, which is 4K by default.
> The block offset is now encoded in the CNFS token as a unsigned int.
> CNFSv4 supports files/partitions up to 16 TB with a 4K blocksize.

Thanks a lot for your patch.
I will soon commit it to CURRENT.

As for INN 2.4.5, I do not know whether I will also commit it.  I do not
think there will be a 2.4.6 release (unless of course a serious bug is
discovered before the release of INN 2.5.0).
Therefore, if you are going to send new patches, you can save your time
with not providing patches for INN 2.4.5.

By the way, have you tried CURRENT INN 2.5.0 in high-load production boxes?
(especially as for CPU usage, as you already discovered something with innfeed
before the release of INN 2.4.4)

I believe contrib/reset-cnfs.c does not work any longer with CNFSv4 files?
(It uses 512 bytes.)

Julien ÉLIE

« I don't worry about terrorism.  I was married for two years. » (Sam Kinison)

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