History/Overview messed up with INN 2.5.0 rc1

Ray Banana rayban at banana.shacknet.nu
Sat Apr 4 10:08:43 UTC 2009

Julien ÉLIE wrote:

> Though in your case it is a "replacement" of articles.  And hmm your
> overview
> seems good.  It is only the history file which is broken (a storage manager
> issue?).

Well, it looks as if the same storage token was used twice, maybe some
kind of a race condition allocating storage in the CNFS, as one of the
articles came in through a feed and the other was posted locally.

> According to what one of your user says in alt.online-service.comcast
> http://groups.google.fr/group/alt.online-service.comcast/browse_frm/thread/72f05faf4a06fd71/1bc8048e48f46c63
> the other newsgroup alt.sports.football.pro.cleve-browns is also messed up.
> Do you see the two duplicates in OVER?

No, alt.sports.football.pro.cleve-browns looks OK to me except for the
fact that the article <gr32rp$fst$1 at news.motzarella.org> has a duplicate
there, although with a different Message-ID and five minutes later than
the first one. Both articles are still available on the server and can
be retrieved via grephistory and sm (and they have different storage
tokens, too).

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