Config file parser for lists

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sun Apr 5 20:51:20 UTC 2009

Hi Russ,

>> Can a header be listed twice?  (It is not mentioned in RFC 3977.)
> I think so.  It's just pointless.

Anyway, it works fine.

>> I was following your suggestion in
>> <> but well, not mentioning Xref is
>> also fine.
> Yeah, I think not listing Xref is a better idea.

Is it OK to use the two following parameters in inn.conf:

extraoverview:          [ ]
extraoverviewadvertise: [ ]

Do you see a better name?
The first one is for generated extra overview field (Xref: is mandatory
and not listed in the value).  The second one for advertising in LIST
OVERVIEW.FMT requests.

extraoverviewadvertise must be the beginning of extraoverview (it will
be checked).  That is to say that

extraoverview:          [ Newsgroups NNTP-Posting-Host ]
extraoverviewadvertise: [ Newsgroups ]

is valid but

extraoverview:          [ Newsgroups ]
extraoverviewadvertise: [ Newsgroups NNTP-Posting-Host ]

is *not* valid (the overview would be inconsistent).

The patch to remove the overview.fmt file is almost done and works
pretty well.  I just want to be sure for the names before committing
(because we have only one shot with innupgrade!).

Julien ÉLIE

« Rien n'est plus agaçant que de ne pas se rappeler ce dont on ne parvient
  pas à se souvenir et rien n'est plus énervant que de se souvenir de ce qu'on
  voudrait parvenir à oublier. » (Pierre Dac) 

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