History/Overview messed up with INN 2.5.0 rc1

Julien ÉLIE julien at trigofacile.com
Sun Apr 12 08:35:52 UTC 2009

Hi Ray,

> I don't do tests on that particular server, but I do have issues related
> to OVDB hangs or timeouts from time to time, but these seem to have
> started when I updated to INN 2.5.0 rc1 and Debian Lenny (with Berkeley
> DB 4.6).

I would have liked to advise you to use Berkeley DB 4.7 (much more stable
than 4.6) but there is still no backport on Lenny.
Anyway, as I notice duplicates on my tradindexed overview, chances are it
is not related to ovdb.  Besides, the code for storage and overview is
separated:  the token is generated, the article is stored on the disk
and then stored in the overview database.  It is possible that the article
is not stored in the overview but when it occurs, it has no impact on
the history file and the token is not made available again.

> My duplicate storage tokens, however, seem to have started at the end of
> December 2008 (earliest duplicate is dated December 22, 2008).

My earliest is in March 2008.  Maybe the problem has always been here.

> OTOH, starting in April, I can see duplicates for almost every day,
> which may be related to the current instabilities of OVDB.

Strange.  And does it do something special to innd?
Do you see something in news.notice just before the arrival of
an article with a duplicate token?

> I will keep an eye on this issue ans see if I can gather more information.


Julien ÉLIE

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