Obsolete files overview.fmt and sasl.conf

Julien ÉLIE julien at trigofacile.com
Sat Apr 11 22:47:22 UTC 2009


innupgrade tries to properly handle the migration of sasl.conf
and overview.fmt into inn.conf.
Should we rename these two obsolete files to .OLD after the
run of innupgrade?  Nothing was done for sasl.conf so I also
did nothing for overview.fmt, but it is still possible to change
the behaviour.  Maybe we should rename them (otherwise the news
admin may think it can change things in these files but it
will not work).

The problem is that it is not consistent with what we usually do:
when a program is deleted or renamed, we do not "rm" the old
version (for instance gpgverify and auth_smb with INN 2.5.0,
or sendbatch with INN 2.4.0).
And there is also the man page for overview.fmt(5) to remove!

Difficult to know what to tidy up.

Any thoughts?
What is the result a user expects for "make update" regarding
obsolete stuff?

Julien ÉLIE

« J'aime le travail, je passerais des heures à le regarder. » 

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