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Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sun Apr 12 19:56:52 UTC 2009

Hi Russ,

> We should turn lists into space-separated string values for Bourne shell.
> It's not ideal, but I suspect it will mostly work.

So if I have the following list:

    param: [ one "it's me" "and a quote\"" ]

does it give:

    PARAM='"one" "it'\''s me" "and a quote\""'

or something else?

(We need to handle spaces in the general case -- not only overview fields.)

>> However, I think there is a more major issue because I see that
>> defines an hard-coded shell:
>>    SHELL=/bin/sh
> This is only for running commands in makefiles, so it won't matter.

But what if /bin/sh does not exist?

They advise to use SHELL = @SHELL@ (as found out by autoconf) in:

>> There is also innd/site.c with:
>>    static char SITEshell[] = "/bin/sh";
> No idea what this is being used for.  Maybe to spawn programs from
> newsfeeds?


    if (NeedShell(process, (const char **)argv, (const char **)ARRAY_END(argv))) {
        argv[0] = SITEshell;
        argv[1] = (char *) "-c";
        argv[2] = process;
        argv[3] = NULL;

    /* Fork a child. */
    i = Spawn(sp->Nice, pan[PIPE_READ], (int)fileno(Errlog),
       (int)fileno(Errlog), argv);

We could have put @SHELL@ too here.

>> On your system, I see that configure finds /bin/bash, so it would be
>> fine.  Nonetheless, I see that on another system, it finds a wrong
>> /bin/sh (not aliased to /bin/bash) which does not understand arrays...
> The more fundamental problem is that some systems (older Solaris) don't
> have bash, and trying to find a shell that supports arrays may be tricky.

Too bad that Autoconf does not know how to find that :)

> Since we're not using the arrayness right now in shell, I wouldn't worry
> too much about it and just turn it into a space-separated list in a
> string.


Julien ÉLIE

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