storage tokens duplications

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Wed Aug 26 11:28:11 UTC 2009

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From: kjonca at (Kamil Jońca)
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Subject: storage tokens duplications 

My *guess* is that there is only four hex digits descibings position of
article in *.CAF file. 
Since there were posted ~200 000 articles into single .CF file, "number
overflow occured", and number were reused. But, its only my gues.

Below copy of my message posted to

Recently I have to recreate my local spool from archives.
Archives are set of bzipped files in rnews format.
so recreating were something like  for q in *.bz2; do bzip2 -dc $q;
done|rnews -N -v

Then I noticed something strange in my history file:

%head -n 1000000 /var/lib/news/history|cut -f 3 |grep "@04" |sort |
uniq -c|sort -nr |head -n 10
      2 @0401004A94E8057000000000000000000000@
      2 @0401004A94E8056F00000000000000000000@
      2 @0401004A94E8056E00000000000000000000@
      2 @0401004A94E8056D00000000000000000000@
      2 @0401004A94E8056C00000000000000000000@
      2 @0401004A94E8056B00000000000000000000@
      2 @0401004A94E8056A00000000000000000000@
      2 @0401004A94E8056900000000000000000000@
      2 @0401004A94E8056800000000000000000000@
      2 @0401004A94E8056700000000000000000000@

Is this possible that storage tokens are duplicated?
My storage.conf:

method tradspool {
        class: 0
        newsgroups: local,local.*,control,control.*

method timecaf {
        class: 1
        newsgroups: *


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