inn 2.5.0 make errors

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Wed Aug 26 18:34:03 UTC 2009

Hi Kristian,

> if i run inncheck then i get a lot of uninitialized values in string,
> I am not sure how to set the string settings.

I think your are running an uninstalled version of inncheck.
I for one install INN with "make update" (or "make install" if it is
the *first* installation -- otherwise, your configuration files are overwritten).
Then I run "inncheck" (<pathbin> is in my shell path and I do *not* "cd" there).
At the beginning of the inncheck Perl script, there is something like:
    use lib '/home/news/lib/perl'; use INN::Config;

I believe INN::Config was not properly loaded.  It should have if everything
is installed and paths correctly configured.

All the errors you see are because of that (like an absent "/inn.conf" because
the absolute path could not be seen).

> also I vonder about the cnfs/cycbuffers if I run out of space and add more buffers at a later stage
> how will this affect the articles downloaded ? Also will a large buffer file slow the system down ?
> (ext3 / jaunty) I see 16 gig is allowed in the system will 4x4 gig be better than 1x16 gig ?
> can the names of the buffers be simply numbers 1-9 ?

No problem to add more buffers.  Modify storage.conf and *restart* INN.
Yes for the names.

I do not know for large buffer files.  Maybe other people will know in the list.

> I want to mainly store headers on my system, is there a setting to only store headers ?
> possibly some smaller groups i can host bodies also so a setting for each group would be nice

Not possible with INN.
(Diablo can, I think.)

> how do the filters behave ? will they erase messages from the local storage or not ?
> best would be If I can block certain message topics before they even get downloaded
> I want to block most cancel messages and I vonder about what hierarchies are ?
> there is a lot of them in one of the conf files and i am not sure if i need them ?
> my server will primarily get selected groups from another server and filter them for spam
> then host them locally on my lan.

Filtered messages are rejected and not stored.
If you suck articles, maybe the program you use can filter articles before downloading
their bodies.  The same for cancel messages.

Otherwise, with a feed, you have to download a whole message before analyzing it and decide
to reject it.

Julien ÉLIE

« Nam et ipsa scientia potestas est. » (Francis Bacon) 

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