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Russ Allbery rra at
Mon May 18 22:27:12 UTC 2009

Julien ÉLIE <julien at> writes:

> What if:
>    if (entry->offset + entry->length > search->data->datalen) {
>        warn("Invalid or inaccessible entry for article %lu in %s.IDX:"
>             " offset %lu length %lu datalength %lu",
>             search->current + search->data->base, search->data->path,
>             (unsigned long) entry->offset, (unsigned long) entry->length,
>             (unsigned long) search->data->datalen);
> +       data->remapoutoforder = true;
>        return false;
>    }
> in tdx_search()?  (We just have to add "data" to its arguments.)  This
> way, next time tdx_search_open() is called by nnrpd, it will remap the
> data file.  Whence the client will see the article next time it starts
> a search.

Oh, hey, that's a good idea.  It probably won't help with most clients,
but it might help and I don't see any drawbacks.

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