Call for INN 2.5.2 testing (new NNTP RFC 3977)

Ray Banana rayban at
Wed Nov 18 20:28:07 UTC 2009

Julien ÉLIE wrote:
> Hi Ray,
>> bad_messageid 
>> <slrn20091109075439.943.twooffive at>
>> This article was posted via nnrpd.
> Very strange.  I tried to use POST and IHAVE with nnrpd, with and without
> specifying the message-ID (when possible), with and without leading or
> trailing spaces, and I do not manage to reproduce the problem.
> What is around the bad_messageid line?  (You can obfuscate the lines 
> if you want).
> Where is the "post ok" or "ihave ok" line?

The closer I look the more I get confused:

Nov 17 04:47:55 nnrpd[8520]: filter: Checking message 
<slrn20091109075439.943.twooffive at>
Nov 17 04:47:55 innd: localhost:172 bad_messageid 
<slrn20091109075439.943.twooffive at>
Nov 17 13:59:57 nnrpd[3373]: nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn post ok 
<slrn20091109075439.943.twooffive at>

This explains why the article exists on the server, but not why it was 
rejected on the first attempt and accepted on the second.
Looking at the time, I assume that at 04:47:55 the server was still 
running inn-STABLE-20091115 and I changed to inn-STABLE-20091116
some time between 05:00 and 05:30.

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