inn 2.5.1 in freebsd jail with buffindexed

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sat Nov 28 22:43:38 UTC 2009

Hi Robert,

> I try to run inn 2.5.1 in a freebsd 7.2 jail, but it fails to start.
> excerpt from syslog
> Nov 28 22:59:30 zompig innd: cant create shared memory segment: Function not implemented
> Nov 28 22:59:30 zompig innd: buffindexed: ovinitdisks: cant create shmem for /opt/news/cycbuffs/OV1 len 32768: Function not 
> implemented
> Nov 28 22:59:30 zompig innd: SERVER cant open overview method
> I for now think the jail setup is the cullprit, but I'm not certain.

You have two solutions:  either not use buffindexed, or enable SystemV
shared memory resources.

> I compiled both db and inn from source.

If you plan to use ovdb, why do you enable buffindexed?
The overview data can be tradindexed, buffindex or ovdb (only one out of three).

For security reasons, one wants his jails to be isolated from each
other as much as possible.  That's why shared memory is usually
not allowed.

An exemple on how to configure shared memory with PostgreSQL on FreeBSD
is here:

Julien ÉLIE

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