inn 2.5.1 in freebsd jail with buffindexed

Michael Grimm inn-workers at
Sun Nov 29 15:15:31 UTC 2009

Hi Robert --

>> If you opt for ovdb instead of buffindexed then I would highly          
>> recommend for adding "--with-zlib" (new compression mode for ovdb).
> I'll look into that. Can I switch that on without the need to start
> from scratch with empty ovdb files ?

According the ovdb manual pages one simply has to activate compression
in ovdb.conf and restart the database. From now on all new overview
records will be stored compressed (if exceeding 600 Bytes). This way
one will eventually end with an completely compressed overviews database
after a complete cycle through your article spool. I didn't want to
wait that long, thus I rebuilt my overviews database ;-)

> I'm not aware of systemV changes in 8.0 as well. I plan to migrate the 
> first box over to 8.0 next month.

Good luck. I'm thinking about doing so as well.


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